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Step-by-Step Guide to Trademark Registration

Ready to see if your trademark is available? Let’s start by searching the Official website of Intellectual Property India ( Below is the screenshot from the Official portal.

Launching a brand in India? Safeguard your intellectual property!

1. Trademark Search

↳ Conduct a trademark search to ensure your chosen brand name or logo is not already registered.

 ↳ Choose the appropriate class for your trademark to avoid conflicts with existing trademarks.

2. Application Time!

↳File a trademark application form with the Indian Trademark Office (online). Include details like your name, business address, a list of goods/services, a copy of your trademark, and the date of first use (if applicable).

3. Examination Under the Hood ️‍

 ↳ The examiner will review your application for discrepancies, which may take 1-2 months.

 ↳ The examiner can accept the trademark unconditionally, conditionally, or raise objections under Sections 9, 11, or formal requirements.

4. Published and Ready for Opposition?

↳ Once cleared, your trademark gets published in the Trademark Journal for potential opposition from third parties. If no objections arise within four months, your trademark proceeds to registration.

5. Congratulations! You’re Officially Granted the Trademark!

↳ Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a registration certificate, granting you legal protection for your brand in India and beyond.

→ Ready to embark on your trademark journey?

↳ This is a simplified overview. Consider consulting a legal professional for in-depth guidance.

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